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Getting Started:

Log into MinerMinder.

Getting Started: Login

Click on "Dashboard".

Getting Started: Dashboard

Fill in information for pools you would like to use. NOTE: Worker Name/Password are not required! If you want to connect different workers using the same port, set Worker Name/Password on your miners.

Getting Started: Add Pool

Then next to "Port XXXX" click on the drop down that says "Choose a Pool".

Getting Started: Choose Pool

Pick the pool you want, then press the blue/circle button to start the server. (A popup should confirm that the pool has started).

Getting Started: Start Port

Getting Started: Confirm Port

Along the line that says "PORT XXXX" there should be a red or green dot. If the dot is red, there was a problem and the server couldn't start.

Getting Started: Dots

After you've selected a pool, started it, and confirmed that it is running, you can point your miner at (whatever your port is in the Dashboard). NOTE: If you are using an ASICMiner blade or cube, point your miner at and use your port from the Dashboard!

You can then change pools through the MinerMinder website, without having to keep going to your miner.