Frequently Asked Questions:

What is MinerMinder?

MinerMinder is a web-based stratum proxy server for cryptocurrency mining.

Ok, but do you have a tutorial?

We sure do!

Why would I use MinerMinder?

To make controling your miners super easy! Right now, when miners want to make a pool change, they often have to login to multiple mining devices, one at a time, and change the pool. This is not only time consuming, but can lead to missed opportunities!

Can you give me an example?

Let's say you are away from your miners, and want to hop on a hot new coin. Right now, you'd have to have remote access software pre-installed on each miner host, connect to each individually and send the proper commands to your miner control software. With MinerMinder, you'd simply access your control panel, choose the new pool, and click one button.

What about regular SHA-256 BTC mining?

MinerMinder is perfect. Say you had 10 BitMain Antminer S1s. If you wanted to change to a new BTC pool, hop on a different coin, or test out a multipool, you'd have to connect to the web-interface of each device separtely, edit the config, enter the config, and save the config. With MinerMinder, you'd simply choose the new pool and GO!

Does MinerMinder work with AltScrypt algorithms, like Scrypt-N and Scrypt-Jane?


Will MinerMinder slow down or change my hash in any way?

NO. We replicate exactly what you send us and you should not see any change in speed or quality.

How much does MinerMinder cost?

Please see the pricing page.

How do I know my hash is safe?

MinerMinder is run on enterprise-grade robust and scalable servers, with 24/7 uptime and full DDoS protection. Only you control your hash and pool and our site has been engineered for the highest level of security.

Do I need to enter Pool login and password?

It is optional. If you do not enter them, we'll use the same login and password you provided to connect to your MinerMinder server. If you want to use a pool login different from your MM credentials, enter them in the pool setup.

I want to have different rigs on different ports. Do I only get one port?

Your standard membership includes one unlimited use port. You can purchase additional ports at an additional monthly cost.

Q: Where do I aim my miner?

A: Point your miner at and the port listed on your dashboard. Remember to set backup pools in case we encounter an issue while testing MinerMinder.

Q: Why am I showing 100% Rejected on my miner or no hashrate at the pool?

A: MinerMinder isn't compatiable with version 3.7.2 of cgminer because of it's improper implimentation of the Stratum protocol. Ensure that you are using the latest firmware and avaliable mining software to avoid this issue. (links to firmware and other versions of cgminer will be placed here later)

Q: I switched pools on MinerMinder and now it shows as "DEAD" on my miner?

A: This is normal, when you change pools on MinerMinder it can take a few minutes before your miner reconnects and starts hashing at your new pool.

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